Thursday, March 6, 2008

q*bert art

Q*bert ranks up there among the oddest (and most challenging) video games I played as a child. The goal was to hop from cube to cube in a miniature Escher landscape, thereby changing the color of cubes until they all match a desired outcome. The reason behind this mission is never stated in the Q*bert mythos. However, it is clear that certain antagonistic forces are desperate to prevent Q*bert from accomplishing his abstract goal: there is "Coily" the snake, "Ugg" and "Wrong-way," and "Slick" and "Sam." Visit the Wikipedia entry on Q*bert for a nice summary of relevant historical and game-related information, if you are nostalgic.

However, the reason behind this blog entry was to show off a piece of Q*bert inspired art by artist, James Jean. I just ran across this piece and think it's extraordinary. I will let it speak for itself.

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