Friday, April 17, 2009

it's blitz

I'm listening to the month-old Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs' release, It's Blitz! right now and I can't get over the transformation. This definitely isn't Fever to Tell - where's my dirgy "Rich," grungy "Date with a Night," and wailing, "I gotta man who makes me wanna kill"? Where's my New York garage rock reinvention, part XXIII?

Oh yeah, that was 2003. Like all bands with a spark of brilliance, the YYY's clearly seek to reinvent themselves on each album, delve into sounds that they enjoy without a concern for fan-boy expectations. It's Blitz! is bass guitar, rock overtones and Karen O's lovely voice, but it's also heavily synthesized, artificial, studio magic. I love it. "Heads Will Roll" really does make me want to dance. "Dragon Queen" is disco-shit, but damn it, it's good. I don't even mind the soft, oddly placed reflections like "Skeletons" and "Runaway" although they're the weakest points of the album (perhaps my opinion will change with time and further listens - one thing I've learned about the YYY's is that their albums just sound better the more I listen to them). Every song is bursting with sound, and infused with the unique YYY energy that makes me want to head-butt a dingo. Or something.

How are you not going to show your scar?
How are you not going to get high, high?

Track list:

1 Zero 4:25
2 Heads Will Roll 3:42
3 Soft Shock 3:53
4 Skeletons 5:02
5 Dull Life 4:08
6 Shame and Fortune 3:31
7 Runaway 5:13
8 Dragon Queen 4:02
9 Hysteric 3:52
10 Little Shadow 3:57

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  1. nice. many thanks for the review. now time to violate the current Swedish court ruling...