Thursday, July 9, 2009

crush the castle

Some silly fun. If in need of a brief time-waster today, visit Armor Games and play their satisfying little flash game, Crush the Castle. You fire a trebuchet to knock down a "castle" wall and kill the foolish mannequins within.

Firing your ammunition is as simple as 2 mouse-clicks - one to get the trebuchet swinging, a second to release. Click too early and your shot will go straight up, doing nothing. Too late and it crashes harmlessly into the ground. But time things right and you'll see those castle walls crumble and hear the delicious screams of the kings and ladies-in-waiting within. Some oddly gratifying physics occur. There are 24 castles to conquer and most are a simple matter - but a few are quite vexing and will require repeated attempts. This bugger (#24) still has my number:

You wouldn't think to look at it, but it's a damn pain to kill that maiden on the 1st floor.

Playing this has reminded me of the classic children's "boardgame" (circa 1983), Crossbows and Catapults. Remember this one?

It certainly was an appealing package - a game where you were supposed to play rough with your toys and knock down your sibling's castle. But, as I recall, there just weren't enough pieces in a single box to make it truly satisfying - and what parent was willing to invest in 2 of these things just so their kid could build taller walls to tumble?


  1. sick game. just played through and finished it. the key to #24 is to bombard the side of the thing near the top til the building falls down and crushes the maiden. thats it really, just keep at it. here's a screencap:

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