Saturday, September 5, 2009


Another fun, free interweb game worth playing on a lazy Saturday afternoon...
PuzzleBloom is a relatively simple and straightforward browser-based puzzle game, where you control a green nature-fairy-imp-thing (I think) who wants to transform an industrial wasteland into a giant tree.  Yeah, that's right. 

You do so by taking control of depressed looking drones, slaving under miniature robotic overlords.  The puzzles are quick and easy, involving obstacles, floor plates, and lasers.

Good times.  I think you need to install "Utility" to play it, but don't be afraid, it's just like Flash and not harmful at all.  I wish more games had such goals of environmental transformation and beautification.
PuzzleBloom has received comparisons to Okami, a typically odd Japanese adventure game whereby you play a spirit-wolf who leaves flowers in his wake (or something).  Don't have experience with it, but the advantage of PuzzleBloom is that it's free, quick, and easy to play.  Give it some time to load - it's all about patience and zen, man...

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