Sunday, April 27, 2008

benj gleeksman

Our friend, Benj Gleeksman is a talented artist, skater aficionado, and all-around cool dude. And while that's all well and good, you might wonder why I felt it necessary to post that sentence online. Well, it so happens that Benj's artwork is going to be on display at our local coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds, from April 28 (tomorrow!) to May 25. I hope that if you live in the Saratoga Springs area, you'll check it out and possibly even consider buying a piece. Aili and I are lucky enough to be proud owners of one (thanks to his generosity), and are therefore tempted to wish for some sensational absurd death which would cause its value to skyrocket - but really, we'd much prefer to have Benj alive and our painting on the wall.

Benj also has an excellent website that showcases some of his professional design work, as well as his paintings. You can find it... here.

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