Wednesday, April 16, 2008

stop-motion tron

Perhaps not surprisingly, my 9 year-old brain was pretty overwhelmed by the 1982 Disney movie, Tron. The visual style of the digital world inside Flynn's computer was unique and impressive, with its emphasis on primary colors and glowing neon lines. I still fear the pissed off spinning Master Control Program (which South Park brilliantly subverted as Moses), and periodically suspect something like this lurks inside my Windoze PC. I figure the Mac version looks like Strongbad.

But all this is besides the point. As any Tron fan knows, one of the most innovative sequences in the movie is the Light Cycle race. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you might want to watch it here. A couple of crazy blokes recently decided to create a stop-motion version of the sequence which you really have to see to believe. And remember that stop-motion involves building models (in this case, using cardboard), capturing individual frames, and moving your models minute increments between shots. This process must appeal to either masochistic or OCD art students. Well, enough blathering - here is it:

Tron by freres-hueon

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