Wednesday, June 11, 2008

kid's art goes to japan

I see a lot of kid's drawings as I make my way into the field of art therapy. Never before have I seen anyone try to interpret it as literally as does Yeondoo Jung, in a series of photographs titled Wonderland. These are so elaborate, Japanese, and entertaining:

I also suggest that you look at the magazine Fruits, which monthly publishes the photos of Shoichi Aoki. These are pictures, taken from 1997 on, of incredible D.I.Y. fashion on the streets of Harajuku, Japan. Phaidon press published two collections of these photos, also titled Fruits. I gave a copy to PS a few years ago, and we looked through it over and over again. It prompted a resurgence in creative dressing in our circle of friends at the time.


  1. kick ass! show me more of your interesting learnings! :) that 3rd picture of the kids drawings looks identical to a brigette drawing! weird.....
    <3 Angie

  2. Boy am I dumb, just followed a myspace link to your great blog, finally. Awesome. I'm flattered to be the "featured artist".
    I'm gonna put a link on mine, so maybe other slow people can see the light.

  3. Well, I'm glad you like it!
    We both enjoy yours too. I noticed yours by reading Regis's blog, which is also addictively good. Blogging, I must say, is awfully enjoyable (like having a zine, but spending more time in your pajamas at home than feeding copy machines at Kinkos).

    You have a series of drawings on your web page that are of soldiers with their various items. Were they created for a specific purpose?