Thursday, June 19, 2008

zombie miniatures

I've never gotten into miniatures, but I understand the impulse. There's the collecting-addiction thing, there's the small-version-of-something- big thing, there's the painting-hobby thing, and there's the let's-play- with-them thing. Miniatures hold a special place in the ubergeek gaming world, and some of the big names include: Warhammer 40,000 (old school), Mageknight, and HeroClix (new school).

Once you get your mini's, you've first got to paint them...
Then you make some terrain...
Then you play...
Of course, some people go overboard - but isn't that the whole point of a hobby?

There are also non-gamers who purchase & paint miniatures just to collect them. A few weeks ago, I was surfing the web for all-things-zombie and encountered this fun site reviewing dozens of zombie miniatures. Here are some sample pics, and I assume all these mini's were lovingly painted by the blog-author:

(classic, headless/armless/legless zombies)

(note the fine surface detail in these; muscle & bone)

(minis for all your zombie needs -
incl. if you want to model
MJ's Thriller video!)

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  1. So my friend Quentin has been painting those things his whole fucking life. He started entering them in national contests...And winning...and became some kind of low-scale celebrity in the circle. Then he sang for a touring hardcore band for 8 years and had to put the miniatures on hold. Until the band broke up, and Quentin got a "real" job - painting miniatures for a Warhammer trade magazine. I was looking at his stuff the other day, actually. It's pretty amazing.